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On march 15,2010

Apartment sale - 13 % of the tax the new offer from the ministry of finance the ministry of finance has decided to bring the modest contribution to struggle against speculators in budget

 Real estate. department suggests to deprive of some tax privileges of those sellers of habitation at which the residence permit place does not coincide with the address of sold object. in this case the seller will be compelled... [to read further]

On march 15,2010

Privatization of church real estate

 In the near future church can issue in the property all buildings, and also the ground areas concerning them.  the governmental commission under the direction of the first vice-premier dmitry medvedev has confirmed the concept of transfer to the property of church of property of religious appointment, having charged ministry of economic development and trade to prepare the corresponding bill... [to read further]

On february 28,2010

The deceived shareholders register new social movement

 New public participants of share housing construction have registered the new organisation the all-russian social movement committee of the suffered shareholders: habitation, the earth, people.. the chairman of new movement anton beljakov has told about it. it has shown the certificate on registration of the movement at number 000...
[to read further]

On february 28,2010


 Deceived moskvichikak have informed meeting rway.ru in association of the help to victimsmore than 250 deceived shareholders leave on march, 1st on the slavic area in moscow to declare taking place discrimination of some categories of shareholders by officials of the city government. under the statement of members of initiative groups of shareholders-victims of swindle... [to read further]

On february 16,2010

Vs 19

imageQuantity of the suffered citizens in housing construction sphere across all russia exceeds 100 thousand persons. in this action some thousand suffered investors will take part in various cities of our country: moscow, novosibirsk, petersburg, voronezh, smolensk, belgorod and some other. will be spent simultaneously. . [to read further]

On february 16,2010

The government which has been carried away by dispute on a feasible reduction in tax for the added cost which the ministry of finance in the report just also has not provided, problems of the taxation of citizens while has left multiroom question

 Without special attention, and their ministry of finance just is going to create to tax bearers though confirms the return.... [to read further]

arrow The prices for the petersburg habitation for a week have grown on 0,41 %
arrow Of the privilege on a low housing estate will not concern the moscow region
arrow Examination in one window
arrow Bank deltacredit has started discount program
arrow The habitation market the mortgage lending volume in russia can fall off in already next summer
arrow In 2010 has made 0,9 % from gross national product