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Real estate of russia

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On march 22,2010

In march real estate all as becomes cheaper

 Instability of prices in the real estate market for a week from march, 12th till march, 18th, 2010 the average prices of the offer in the secondary market of habitation in moscow have decreased on 2,8 %. this, essential enough change, has been connected with reduction of prices of offers. proprietors of habitation (or... [to read further]

On march 22,2010

The prices for real estate only in the russian roubles

 The law will come into force with 1 has passed in final third reading the law on use interdiction in messages on cost of the goods, services and commercial transactions of names of foreign currency. the document was supported unanimously by 357 deputies. according to the law, in professional advertising the cost... [to read further]

On march 15,2010

Projects in trading real estate eyes of professionals

  , IM EventsIM Events – "Projects in trading real estate eyes of professionals": 21 2010: : 15:00-17:00 5 -, ...Дизайн интерьера спальни классика.|стоматология сыктывкар
[to read further]

On february 24,2010

Commercial real estate in russia

 Purchasing capacity increases, transactions in the market grow russia is the most attractive to investments into real estate the country in central and the eastern europe. on it referring to the statement of the expert of the consulting company "dee-ti-zet holding" nicolas spajro were informed by the newspaper "uoll-strit ". according to available data... [to read further]

On february 16,2010

The expert: demand for houses near petersburg will grow on 20 %-30 %

  of the price for houses the prices for real estate will move? not so will be in economy of branches on which normal functioning life of all citizens of the country, building branch one of them would depend much... struggle for autocomponents results of 2010 ... [to read further]

On february 16,2010

The habitation market can fall off in already next summer

 For the last half a year of the price for capital real estate have grown on 65 %, having reached an unknown point of 4 thousand dollars for sq. m. now the situation changes: the rise in prices was slowed down, the offer at last has exceeded demand, and participants of the market actively convince the public of its stabilisation.... [to read further]

On february 16,2010

The moscow apartments promptly become cheaper

   Sr 22 29 2010 5 4203 " ". 0,16... [to read further]

On february 15,2010

In 2010 the mortgage lending volume in russia has made 0,9 % from gross national product

 About it the president of association of the russian banks () garegin tosunjan at inter-regional bank conference "the role of banks in performance of national projects and social and economic development of russia" has informed, writes .. according to mr. tosunjana, in the designated 0,9 %, probably, instalments of builders are included. then, as has noticed. . [to read further]

arrow The prices for the petersburg habitation for a week have grown on 0,41 %
arrow Of the privilege on a low housing estate will not concern the moscow region
arrow Examination in one window
arrow Bank deltacredit has started discount program
arrow The habitation market can fall off in already next summer
arrow In 2010 the mortgage lending volume in russia has made 0,9 % from gross national product